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Forum » Whitelist » Apply! » COOLJOB4 IS OUT OF CONTROL (Cooljob4 should be un-modded)
frogzwartDate: Thursday, 02.21.2013, 8:37 AM | Message # 1
Group: Wannabe Biocrafter
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So i was on biocraft today and a mod with the name of cooljob4 say me next to her base placing lava and then sarted yelling and swearing at me in full caps. I was just trying to place lava around a nether castle that she built to try to make her base look better but all i got from that was her yelling at me saying "STOP IT FROGZWART YOU GODDAM BITCH" and then she kicked me from the server and the reason it said was "I HOPE YOU DIE AND THEN BURN IN HELL" now i think this is a little harsh, but it gets worse, once i get back on the server i then get yelled at some more and im not going to lie i did also use some inappropriate language but i never did anything as bad as her and i never told her to go die like she told me to. She then muted me for 11 months 23 hours and 59 minutes on the creative server and she also jailed me. Now this is just getting outrageous  i think that she shouldn't be mod if she is going to break all the rules of being mod such as Yelling in all caps, Calling players a bitch or other violant language, telling them to go die, telling players to burn in hell, and also muted players for something they didn't really do. I just want cooljob4 to also be punished and maybe to unmute me... Thanks everybody who took the time to read thiss
Forum » Whitelist » Apply! » COOLJOB4 IS OUT OF CONTROL (Cooljob4 should be un-modded)
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